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R&R Bearings Limited

A Whitemetal Bearing Specialist that delivers the service that you need

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What we can do for you

R&R have an extensive library of products we have repaired and manufactured for our clients, ranging from 1" to 14" bores such as Michell thrust and journal assemblies to GT thrust pad assemblies. From quad lobed journal bearings to tilting pad journal assemblies and turbine bearings.
  • reverse engineer
  • repair existing parts
  • manufacture new parts
  • diagnose failure
  • inbound and outbound inspection
  • all parts NDT inspected, third party certification if required

All whitemetals used are virgin and fully certified. We can obtain most whitemetal specifications from our UK suppliers.
Why choose us?

  • Lowest cost producer
  • Shortest UK industry lead-times
  • A total quality orientated company with ISO accreditation